Outside links

Below you will find links to various websites and sources of information outside the Government of Nunavut.

Natural Resources Canada (Energy)

Government of Canada website with a wealth of reports and data on energy in Canada.

Natural Resource Canada (ENERGY STAR)

Government of Canada website showcasing ENERGY STAR qualified products and services.

Center for Energy

An online resource showcasing energy facts and statistics from around Canada.

Energy IQ

An energy education resource for Canadians created by Canadian Geographic.Contains information and resources to help educators, students, and the general public get a detailed look at energy across Canada.

Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA)

The CEEA is an independent organization advocating for energy efficiency in Canada. The website contains useful energy conservation tips, energy efficiency news, and more.

Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA)

CanWEA is a national industry association, representing Canada’s wind energy industry. Their website contains information on the development and application of wind energy technology, products and services.

Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA)

CanSIA is a national trade association that represents approximately 500 solar energy companies throughout Canada. Their website contains information on solar technology and the industry as a whole.

International Energy Agency

An international organization dedicated to ensuring reliable, affordable, and clean energy for its 29 member countries. Website contains numerous technical reports on renewable energy, oil, natural gas, and other energy topics.

National Renewable Laboratory

A division of the United States Department of Energy, NREL develops renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. The website contains numerous technical reports and research findings.

Energy Tips

Think about replacing your old refrigerator with a new energy-efficient refrigerator. Today’s Energy Star® qualified refrigerators use 50% less energy than models made 10 years ago.


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