Programs and Incentives

The Government of Nunavut currently has no incentives or programs in support of renewable energy or energy efficiency technology.

Support for renewable energy projects is available through a number of federal government programs, they include:

ecoENERGY for Aboriginal and Northern Communities

The ecoENERGY for Aboriginal and Northern Communities Program 2011-2016 (EANCP) is focused exclusively on providing funding support to Aboriginal and northern communities for renewable energy projects. It is delivered by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) and is part of a suite of clean energy programs funded by the Government of Canada that address action on climate change.

The main objective of EANCP is to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions arising from electricity and heat generation in Aboriginal and northern communities by supporting the development and implementation of renewable energy projects. EANCP provides funding support for the development stages of renewable energy projects and for the engineering and implementation of renewable energy projects integrated with community buildings.

For eligibility requirements and further information, please visit their website.


Strategic Investments in Northern Economic Development

Delivered by the Canadian Northern Development Agency, the Strategic Investments in Northern Economic Development (SINED) programfocuses on strengthening the driver sectors of the economy in the territories, economic diversification, and encouraging the participation of Northerners in the economy. The program has four streams: the Targeted Investment Program, the Innovation and Knowledge Fund, the Partnership and Advisory Forums, and a Pan-Territorial Fund. Between 2009 and 2014,SINED had an envelope of $90 million in contribution dollars, which were evenly distributed across the three territories.

For more information on each stream, please visit their website.


Energy Tips

Clean your electric kettle regularly with boiling water and vinegar. This reduces the buildup of mineral deposits that reduce its energy efficiency.


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