Department of Community and Government Services (CGS)

CGS is responsible for managing GN property, government procurement, administering utilities, promoting energy conservation in government facilities, and purchasing petroleum products in bulk. Within CGS there are two primary divisions responsible for energy-related matters: the Technical Services Division and the Petroleum Products Division.

Technical Services Division
The CGS-Technical Services section plays an important role in reducing energy consumption and the use of non-renewable resources in government facilities through the Nunavut Energy Management Program (NEMP). Through the Iqaluit Pilot Retrofit Project (an implementation of NEMP), 40 GN owned buildings have been energy retrofitted to conserve electricity, oil and water.  The GN has also taken steps toward utilizing alternative energy in Nunavut. A Solar Wall has been installed at the Baffin Regional Hospital to heat air, and Solar Domestic Hot Water (DHW) panels have been installed at three other GN facilities. These projects are being monitored to gather information about their appropriate use in the North.

Petroleum Products Division

The Petroleum Products Division (PPD) is a division of the Government of Nunavut’s Department of Community and Government Services.  PPD maintains inventories of petroleum products in all of Nunavut’s communities where no commercial suppliers (e.g. Esso, Shell, etc.) exist.  The mandate of PPD is:

A) To purchase, transport, deliver, store, distribute and sell refined petroleum products to residents in all communities of Nunavut in a safe, economic, efficient and reliable manner; and

B) To ensure a continuous supply of refined petroleum products (e.g. gasoline, diesel, Jet A-1, etc.) adequate to meet the current needs of consumers and the future development of Nunavut.

Each summer during the ice-free months, fuel is transported to each community via ocean tanker or tug and barge and is stored in on-shore bulk storage tanks. Locally hired and trained Fuel Delivery Contractors then deliver and sell the products to residents throughout the year.

For more information, visit CGS’s website.

Energy Tips

Install a water-saver flush kit in your toilet. You would save thousands of liters of water per year.


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