Department of Environment

The Department of Environment (DOE) has the lead responsibility for ensuring the protection, promotion, and sustainable use of natural resources in Nunavut. The Department of Environment delivers a wide range of regulatory and program functions to ensure the careful management of our resources.

Among its responsibilities related to energy and fossil fuel use in Nunavut, the Department is responsible for enforcing Nunavut’s environmental acts and regulations, including the Environmental Protection Act and the Spill Contingency Planning and Reporting Regulations. In this capacity, DOE monitors and investigates hazardous material spills, provides spill response training, and has initiated a home heating oil tank inspection program that involves free inspections of heating oil tank installations.

The Department also coordinates climate change adaptation programs and initiatives within the Government of Nunavut and works closely with communities and other  stakeholders to help build capacity for Nunavummiut to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

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Energy Tips

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